Artwork Stack’s portfolio gives you a glimpse of the 12+ service lines we render, having delivered more than One Million Plus artworks as of today and we are always open to expand our service lines. Below given is a glimpse of our service line with few of our sample works.


5 Steps to power up for a simple & smart artwork flow that streamlines the journey from inception to completion.


Artwork Stack welcomes you to the world of art and digitizing, consists of a wide variety of exceptional Embroidery Digitizing and Artwork services.

Artwork Stack is bound to its aim of delivering the quality service on time within budget. It helps you to embellish and popularize your brand through redefining your image and digitizing it with unparalleled Artwork.

With the help of our thoroughly skilled artists and digitizers, we bring together our experience, the latest equipment and technology to serve you with 99.9% accuracy and 100% satisfaction. With 200+ years of combined experience in this field, Artwork Stack has worked for 1200+ satisfied clients from different parts of the world like USA, Canada etc. Because of its Quality work and Fast turn-around time, Artwork Stack is highly appreciated by the clients world-wide.

Years of combined experience

Jobs delivered successfully

Satisfied customers

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Need to know more about our services?

Send us an email to [email protected] for our company information. Once you are satisfied with us, then we can create an account for your company and start with samples.

How do I send my jobs?

Once the account setup is done you’ll receive an email with a link to update your password. You can then login to the portal and start uploading your artwork/digitizing projects.

What quality controls have you adopted?

To start with the project requirement, it is confirmed by the respective project coordinator assigned for your project. The project is imported to our project tracker and assigned to the respective artist/team. As soon as the project is processed the quality of the deliverable(s) is checked by the respective Project Lead and confirmed by the Production manager.

Could you send me your price list through e-mail?

Yes definitely, please mail us your complete requirements to [email protected] and we’ll send you the details.

I have high-volume, more than 10 jobs per day customer?

Great! A dedicated team will be allocated for your projects and your company will be added to the Premier list of clientele with special pricing on the services. Send us your contact details and will take it up from there.

Do you offer special pricing? What are your turn-around time?

Yes, we believe in keeping things simple and cost-effective. If you make a decision to send us projects on a regular/daily basis, then you get qualified for Special Pricing and added to the Premier list of clientele.

Regular Jobs: 8 to 24 hrs
Rush Jobs: Within 4 hrs or less

When do I get an invoice? What payment options do you provide for payment of invoice?

Keeping our customers in mind, we have a flexible invoice process by choosing for a Daily, Weekly or Monthly invoice and our Accounting Receivables Team will confirm and make sure the Invoice reaches you on time. You can make the payment using our Secure Payment Gateway (Credit/Debit card).

What if I am not satisfied with my order?

If time permits, we will revise the file at NO ADDITIONAL COST, else waive off the amount for the respective project after a detailed understanding of the situation.

How do I know that you have capabilities to do what I want?

We understand with the growing competition it is difficult for our customers to trust a vendor just on the basis of initial transactions, that’s why – you can always ask for a Free Sample Offer. Further, we have more than 500+ satisfied customers who can vouch for our work. We will provide referrals upon request, you may contact them as per convenience and confirm.

What communications do you have for long-term business?

Communication is the lifeline of our business. Being an IT company, we believe in technology. Let us know your requirement and it will be at your disposal. Further, we can ensure regular visits to your facility to know the service levels.

What file formats do you support? Do you charge for revisions?

Artwork stack has the ability to handle most of the digital file formats. Yes we charge for revisions if it is a completely new request. No revision cost for the Artwork Stack’s revisions.

What file format will you return to me?

Any desired format. If we cannot provide the exact format due to any obvious limitation(s) will provide a trusted compatible format. Else our sales team will let you know up-front so that your project doesn’t get delayed.

How will I get my orders back?

You will receive an automated notification on every transaction and notified via email as soon as the project gets completed/uploaded.


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