Generally, artwork processes are operated by a manual; it is nothing but a consolidation of project management, repository management, regulatory control, and authoring process. Streamlining artwork management process is one of the main points of focus for the supplier, distributors, and retail store managers in the promotional industry. A reliable artwork flow platform should replace the manual intervention in the proofing process to get accurate results and get things done in a few clicks. It’s easy to create a proof and then review the designs using these online proofing tools and stimulate a product’s unified process right from the design to the final artwork file.

Automated Process:

Automated processes help the people in the promotional products industry to build the artwork, cut-off the lengthy email conversations, and set-up the observation of artwork to avoid rework & repeated errors. It’s better to frame up relevant artwork automated processes that detect compliance.

Promotional industries are continuously focusing on a new workflow that is more advanced, structured, time-saving & productive at the same time. Few productivity integrations are:

Cut-off the deadlines
Reliably automate the manual process
More interactions between the teams
Rule out the unnecessary tasks
Get rid of duplicate entries in data

Customized Workflow:

This process is used in the promotional industry to personalize your advanced workflow that controls the artworks for seamless support and makes a vision on team activity growth. The added additional features are to organize the timelines & capture transparency on the complete workflow process.

Digital Asset Management:

With the help of digital asset management in promotional industries, it’s easy to drive to find any artwork files. Also, it assists in storing/recover/locate all your secured artwork files in our cloud-based asset library that permits access to data depending upon the roles.

Vendor Management:

This process allows the promotional industry to manage their vendors consistently through frequent collaboration and proper monitoring of the artwork designs that need time & guarantee. Managing relationships with different graphic industry vendors require assigning jobs, tracking jobs, and making payments.

Artwork Stack – An artwork workflow platform of eSales Technologies is a simple and effective tool for collaborating across departments, managing artworks that reduce the turnaround time & risk possibility. Artwork Stack helps promotional industries to speed up time, get easy access to resources, improve project management, and lower artwork revisions. We have delivered more than one million-plus artwork requests as of today and offer services in 12+ service lines, which are frequently requested by our customer. We at esales know the industry’s requirements, and we are open to working with our customers on new service lines depending upon their requirements.

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