In the promo business, time is everything. As a result, any software, decorator, distributor, or supplier who saves time is where many customers rely on that.

One crucial part of the promo business is artwork approval, and the process involves in it. As a result, the customers will have multiple artworks to manage with internal and external stakeholders.

Artworkstack’s artwork flow helps customers supercharge their go-to-market through efficient artwork management with custom approval workflows and online proofing tools. We talked to many customers to understand why Artworkstack is their preferred partner to manage everything related to the artwork.

Challenges before Artworkstack’s artwork Flow

Before using Artwork Stack, most of our customers relied on emails, Google Drive, and Excel sheets to manage approvals on artwork files and store all versions of approved and pending artworks. Some of the common challenges faced were:

1. Delays

Each artwork approval took 5-7 days on average time spent on searching for the thread with the latest approved version of an artwork

Most of the time spent updating excel sheets, sending emails, and managing folders on Google drive

2. Accountability

No clear accountability and visibility on project delays

3. Accuracy:

Errors that resulted in wrong artworks being sent to the vendor sometimes

Introduction to artwork stack

You can always request a quick demo now. We have included a handful of features such as artwork flow management, user role management, accounting, and digital asset manager.

You can always create a sub-user set to help you maintain the process and assign user roles within the artwork stack. This is something that everyone is happy about; you can even include your decorators, who can access the approved artwork files only if needed.

But stay tuned as we listen more; we will add more exciting features and join us today so you can be a part of this incredible journey.

Impact of Artwork Stack

50+ Users using artwork stack since it’s induction last August.

1000+ Projects were created even during this pandemic situation.

100% Approval and invoice payments via Artwork Stack.

1. Accountability:

With real-time progress tracking, reporting metrics dashboard, and an audit trail, they now know how long each file takes for approval.

This also helps in researching the number of rejections per customer and almost acts as instant feedback.

Our customers benefitted from having a single platform to manage all their artwork approvals and store versions. Designers directly release files on the system, each stakeholder reviews the file, updates the platform’s status, and all the approved files are also readily accessible in the library.

They no longer need to scour through mails and folders to find files and have easy access to the latest version of approved artwork.

To learn more about how the artwork stack can impact your timelines, please email [email protected] or [email protected] for a quick Demo.

Contact us at 631-649-4125.

2. Efficiency:
3. Visibility and convenience:

The artwork approval time reduces to 2 days, from 5-7 days.

It creates transparency in the progress of each file and mostly the accounting part