The Strongest & popular Organizations are turning into Automation to make organizations even more powerful. The Organizations turning toward Automation is because the Artwork Approval Process is one of the toughest processes. Hence intelligent organizations are turning towards automation. There is a deadline pressure, Coordination is a must & if errors happen in the work then it leads to rework which makes waste of time and money. Hence, the brands and designing organizations need seamless workflow management, to make artwork approvals more efficient & reduce the production costs.
The Artwork Management Software is the solution for all types of problems based on artwork job processing. The Different types of benefits are given below,
1. Artwork Process Management
2. Project Status Tracking
3. Artwork Proofing check
4. Communication Space
5. Time Stamp Tracking
6. Digital Asset Management
7. Final Output section
All the above mentioned benefits make the artwork process much easier and a simple carefree process.
Let’s see the artwork management software benefits in detail in the upcoming part of this blog.

About Artwork Management Software’s role in Promotional and Packaging Industries:-

The Artwork Management software is the software which plays the major role in managing the artwork’s workflow. The Software makes the traditional manual process of artwork management into an automated process. One Survey Says the Companies which follow the traditional manual artwork management process are performing below the average and losing their customers due to the lack of time management and delay in the delivery output.
By using the Artwork Stack’s Artwork Management Software, it will be easy for the company to manage the artwork process within the Timeline of the work.
Artwork Stacks Artwork Management Process is the cloud based process so management from anywhere is possible.
Let’s see the Benefits of the Artwork Management Process in detail below,
1. Artwork Process Management:- In the Artwork Stack’s software for artwork management, the work flow, checklists are added and the sequence of tasks are assigned to the different departments. This helps the team to get the bird eye view in the process management.
2. Project Status Tracking:- The Project Status tracking is much more important because if the work is stayed in a particular department for more than the mean time then it can be enquired and the problem can be sorted out and solved. Since the tool is used by all teams and departments in the artwork Process, the managers can pinpoint the delays, anticipate hurdles, and plan more effectively and accurately to meet the Timelines.
3. Artwork Proofing check:- Before the final procedure of printing, the proof reading is must. Hence proofreading plays an essential and vital part in printing and packaging industries. If the Slight variant in the color code of slight change in the design can lead to the product rollback. So the Online proof reading option in the Artwork Management software helps for the clear cut decision making, whether the final output goes for printing and packaging or it passes back to the rework section.
4. Communication Space:- The Communication Space is the section in which anyone can interact about the Particular Artwork work job, it makes the work much easier to get the correction in the designing section itself. The final output after the interaction will be much more accurate and exact upto the client's needs. The communication space makes the environment much more collaborative, it helps for the internal team and the external client to interact and get maximum flawless output.
5.Timestamp Tracking:- Timestamp Tracking is the process of tracking the revision history of the particular Artwork Job with the time of the editing. This revision history tracking is more important to know how much time it is taken to get as final output. This tracking helps for the manager to approve the work for final output. This Tracking process helps the client to avoid searching for the original artwork in the media library which consists of a vast number of files.
6. Digital Asset Management:- Digital Asset Management is the process of avoiding the traditional way of sharing the final design across all the departments of the printing and packaging industry. The industrial department will depend on the final output in the traditional old way, but in the Digital Asset Management option the client industrial expert who has the access can view the media file from the cloud Artwork file management Library. It helps the expert to get discussions with their team & share their feedback before the Final output itself.

This Digital Asset Management option helps the client industry to give any changes feedback at any time before getting the Final output. It helps the Artwork Company to give the Flawless Output within Timeline.
7. Final Output section:- The Final Output Section is the section in which the final finished version of the artwork will be given to the client. By using the Artwork management software the final output will be exactly what they expected, because the many interactions, monitoring and feedback sharings will be done while the process itself with the help of the Artwork Management Software. So the Output version of the file will be the final printing version of the artwork job.


The Flaws like miscommunications, lack of transparency, operational issues, unclear idea of the clients are avoided by using this Artwork Management Software. Hence in this Artwork Management Software there are many ways for Monitoring, Interacting about the artwork job, and sharing Feedbacks about the particular artwork job. The Maximum 99% perfection in the final artwork output file is because of the various features in the Artwork Management Software helps for the reduction of the Flaws which occurs in the traditional old manual way of Artwork Processing.