If your decision is to run your own embroidered patches company, that’s great! We can help you with Embroidery Digitizing for your business or group. Clear and accurate Embroidery Digitizing is the only way for getting the exact Embroidery Patch for the cloth.

This Blog will assist you to step into the procedure, yes it is a simple step-by-step procedure to obtain your finished product. Let's see about the Zero to Final Step of the Embroidery Patches through Embroidery Digitizing. The Process starts with a pencil or pen. Yes, the basics of digitizing are to explain the concept of the Patch with illustration through pencil or pen on white paper.


The First Process for Embroidery Digitizing is to give the details about the Embroidery Patch. The Detail will consist of Name Color, Color Code, Height, Width, Size Format, Design Format, Turnaround Time, Upload File Image, Company or individual name, mail id, and phone number. The Process will be started after the confirmation given from both buyer and the shop.

Designing Process:-

The Designing process is the creative process where the graphic artist will work for the embroidery patch digitizing. That Designing process will be over several minutes or hours before the mean delivery time because it has to be proceeded to the quality check team.

Quality Check:-

According to this team, the team will evaluate the Artist work & compare it with the quotation details to conform the perfection of the Embroidery Digitizing. After the QC is over it will be out for the delivery, the work will be processed to the sales lead or customer relationship team. If the work is not upto the expectation, then the work will be returned to the Designing team. In the Design team the editing process will be started.

Delivery or Customer Relationship Team:-

The Embroidery Digitizing Work final document will be handled by this team. In this team the Customer relationship officer will be in touch with the client and deliver the work to the client. If the Client is unsatisfied with the work, then the details will be collected by the officer & return it to the QC team for reaudit.


The above mentioned is the whole process of the Embroidery Digitizing, hence the Digitizing Process will be clearly updated in the Artwork Management Software. If the Artwork Management Software is used by the company, then the clients will be always aware of what the status of the work & how much time they are spending. The time spent on each section is visible in the tool, so It will be helpful for customers to get rid of worries about their work status. Esales Technologies is one of the important company in US in providing the Artwork Management Software. Artwork Flow Management will be perfectly handled by the Artwork Management Software.